About Us

Ayurveda is the national treasure of India. The secrets of Mother Nature and those of our rich and diverse land have been passed down the generations for centuries and have proven their efficacy. Now with the advent of modern science and technology, it is has become easier than ever to utilize the ancient wisdom of our ancestors for the maximum benefit of the people.

We are constantly discovering new applications for the knowledge of our forefathers. Old remedies are being found to be effective against new diseases. Ayurveda is being recognized as full of potential by modern medical as well. In this circumstance, there is definitely a pressing need for buying quality ayurvedic products with reliability and peace of mind. And for that end, we present Ayurkart.

Ayurkart Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd. is India’s premier company, which enables you to buy ayurvedic products, natural and nature-derived products and organic items with complete peace of mind under one roof through its website. It has been founded in the year 2015 with the purpose of providing the best possible buying and selling opportunities to millions of people online. The products listed on our website are guaranteed to be of high quality and adherent to the most stringent of safety standards and government regulations.


Ayurkart is your one stop shop for all things natural. From cosmetics to medicines, you will find everything that you desire on our virtual shelves. Ayurkart is a trusted marketplace where you can find ayurvedic and natural products from multiple vendors. Trusted sellers and vendors list their products on our website that are guaranteed to be of completely natural sources and absolutely no artificial ingredients whatsoever.

You can find certified ayurvedic medicines on our site from reputed vendors and manufacturers at rates far more competitive than what you would find at any brick and mortar store. Our comprehensive listing ensures that you always have the product you are looking for and never leave dissatisfied or empty handed.

You can find organic products sourced with absolutely no artificial ingredients at any stage of production. Ayurkart is the one stop shop if you are looking for completely organic and natural products.


All the products you find on Ayurkart are guaranteed to be original products with absolutely no chance of fraudulent or fake items. We offer you complete peace of mind with our customer protection system and our efficient and timely delivery services ensure that your orders reach you on time and in good shape.


Our site is hosted on state of the art server systems with low latency response systems built in. You can expect all systems up and running throughout the year, no matter the circumstances. Our site is designed to run fast and on multiple devices so whether you are using a phone or a laptop, you experience our site is the same. It is as easy to use Ayurkart on a smartphone as on a laptop. So join in!


With our state of the art data encryption system, you can rest assured that your data and transaction information is absolutely secure. Our systems are verified by trusted third parties who ensure that our data handling policies are sound and impervious to malicious attacks from scammers and fraudulent clients posing as bona fide customers. Our website, our backend and our transaction intermediates are all encrypted by industry standard technology; your data and your financial details are absolutely safe and secure.

Ayurkart is the next generation e-commerce platform in India, exclusively for ayurvedic and natural remedial and organic products. Visit us and try out the new way to buy all your products from the comfort of your home and delivered to your doorstep.