Gougavya Pure Desi Cow Ghee

Gougavya Pure Desi Cow Ghee

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Akshaya’s Gougavya Pure Desi Cow Ghee is made from forest milk procured from forest grazing desi cows. Desi Cow Ghee is known as the golden medicine of Ayurveda.  It is sometimes referred to as “clarified butter”, as all of the milk solids have been removed from it.  After this process, you are left with a nutritious, easy to digest (lactose and casein free), healing oil that can be used as food or as medicine.  

Health Benefits and Uses:

·       Increases the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

·       Increases one’s energy, vitality and immunity (Ojas).

·       Detoxifies the body (widely used in cleansing therapies).

·       Used for cellular rejuvenation.

·       Powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

·       Heals the intestinal wall.

·       Reduces Pitta and Vata dosha.

·       Strengthens and nourishes the brain and nervous system.

·       Enhances the health properties of herbs when taken together.

·       Healthy alternative to butter and oil and can be added to any dish.


Contraindications:  Ghee is not recommended for individuals with a strong Kapha imbalance such as high cholesterol or obesity.  In general, it is not recommended to consume more than 3 tsp (1 Tbsp) daily for all body types unless otherwise stated.      

 General Directions:  Desi Cow Ghee can be added to any dish to enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients.  Add 1 tsp to each meal or use ghee in replacement of butter or oil in a recipe.   

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